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Pooled Employer Plan

Join forces for retirement success with our Pooled Employer Plan. Benefit from shared resources and expert management for your retirement savings.

Retirement Plan Advisory Services


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Defined Contribution Services

Defined Contribution Services

Defined Contribution Services involve managing plans where employee benefits are based on investment performance. Our services include plan design, investment options selection, and administrative support, ensuring a robust and compliant retirement plan.

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions focus on the creation and management of pension plans that promise a specific benefit at retirement. We offer expertise in plan design, funding strategies, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a secure retirement for employees.

Non-Qualified Plan Management

Non-Qualified Plan Management

Non-qualified Plan Management specializes in overseeing and optimizing non-qualified deferred compensation plans. Our expertise ensures these plans are efficiently managed, aligning with both employer objectives and employee benefits.

Pooled Employer Plan

Pooled Employer Plan

The Pooled Employer Plan is a comprehensive retirement solution for businesses, allowing multiple employers to pool resources, providing a cost-effective, professionally managed retirement plan. Our PEP simplifies plan administration, reduces fiduciary risk, and enhances investment options for participants.

Strengthening Retirement Offerings with Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs).

A Pooled Employer Plan is a retirement plan for multiple unrelated employers. It allows small and medium-sized businesses to offer cost-effective, professionally managed retirement benefits. This service is important for businesses that might not have the resources to manage their own retirement plans. By pooling resources, these plans provide employees with access to higher-quality investment options and potentially lower fees. Our PEP helps businesses provide employees with quality investment options and potentially lower fees through our pooled resources.

Enhance Savings. Ensure Compliance. With Our Plan.

Our PEP simplifies retirement savings for businesses by allowing multiple employers to pool resources, reducing costs and administrative duties. This approach offers competitive benefits to attract talent and ensures compliance and risk management in line with ERISA and IRS regulations.


Simplified Plan Establishment and Participation

Our Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) simplifies retirement plan setup and participation for businesses of all sizes. We simplify retirement plan administration and costs by allowing multiple employers to pool resources. Offering competitive benefits helps small and medium-sized businesses attract and retain talent.


Professional Investment Management

Our Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) service simplifies the process of establishing and participating in a retirement plan for businesses of all sizes. By enabling multiple employers to pool their resources, we offer a streamlined solution that reduces the administrative burden and costs typically associated with offering a retirement plan.


Cost Efficiency and Economies of Scale

Economies of scale make our Pooled Employer Plan cost-effective. Joint asset plans reduce administrative and investment management costs for businesses. Employers and employees benefit from this cost-saving, making retirement savings more affordable.


Reduced Administrative Responsibilities for Employers

Our Pooled Employer Plan service significantly reduces the administrative responsibilities and fiduciary liabilities that employers face when offering a retirement plan. We take on the role of the Pooled Plan Provider (PPP), managing the complexities of plan administration, compliance, and fiduciary duties.

Utilizing Pooled Employer Plans for Retirement Plan Benefits

Retirement Plans

Elevate Your Business with Custom, Cost-Effective PEP Solutions.

Our PEP offers flexibility in contribution limits and eligibility criteria, allowing employers to tailor retirement plans to their unique business goals. Our Streamlined enrollment process and simplifed login empower employees to take control of their retirement savings.


Flexible Plan Design and Customization

Our Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) is customizable for each employer. Because business size, industry, and employee demographics vary, our PEP allows customization in contribution limits and eligibility criteria. This adaptability allows employers to tailor the retirement plan to their business goals, making it appealing to many companies.


Streamlined Enrollment and Participation

We've streamlined PEP enrollment and participation, ensuring a straightforward path for employees to join and manage their retirement savings. This simplifies contributions, investment adjustments, and access to essential information, fostering active engagement and informed decision-making about their retirement plans.


Enhanced Participant Support and Education

We provide comprehensive analysis and strategic planning for your foreign investments. This includes assessing market conditions, currency risks, and geopolitical factors that can impact investment performance. Our goal is to maximize your returns while managing the unique challenges of investing across borders.


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