Philanthropic Organizations

Outsourced Chief Investment Office

Enhance your investment strategy with our Outsourced Chief Investment Office services. We offer comprehensive management, tailored to the unique needs of philanthropic organizations.

Outsourcing Expertise for Your Philanthropic Investment Success.

An OCIO provides comprehensive investment management services typically performed by a chief investment officer. This service is particularly beneficial for institutions and large organizations that need expert investment management but may not have the in-house capability. The OCIO handles investment strategy, asset allocation, and risk management. Our firm allows organizations to access high-level OCIO services without the cost of maintaining a full-time executive team.

Empowering Philanthropy through Comprehensive Investment Stewardship.

Our Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO) service offers expert oversight, ensuring your investments align with your organizations philanthropic mission. We help your organization achieve long-term goals with transparent communication and customized portfolio management.


Investment Oversight

Your philanthropy receives full professional investment management and strategic planning from our Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO). We manage your investment portfolio from strategy development and implementation to ongoing management and monitoring as your organization's external investment office.


Policy Development

A key component of our OCIO service is the development of a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that serves as the foundation for all investment decisions. By creating a clear and well-defined IPS, we keep your investment strategy focused and consistent and provide a strong governance framework for all investment activities.


Portfolio Construction

Our OCIO service includes strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction tailored to your philanthropy's specific needs and objectives. Our approach considers both the current market environment and your organization's long-term objectives, ensuring your portfolio is positioned to achieve its goals while managing risk effectively.


Active Portfolio Monitoring

OCIO includes active portfolio management and continuous monitoring. We actively manage your investment portfolio to reflect market, economic, and organizational changes. Our vigilant monitoring includes performance evaluations and risk assessments to ensure your portfolio meets your investment policy and goals.


Risk and Compliance

We prioritize risk management and regulatory compliance in our OCIO service. Our robust risk management strategies protect your organization's assets from market, credit, and operational risks. Our comprehensive risk management and compliance approach gives you peace of mind to focus on your philanthropy.


Reporting and Communication

Dynamic reporting and active stakeholder engagement are our priorities. To promote transparency, we provide detailed updates on your portfolio's performance and compliance. Your board, donors, and other stakeholders will be informed and confident in your organization's financial management.

Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Strategic Insight.

Utilizing advanced analytics for precise investment decisions, exploring global markets for enhanced diversification and resilience, and adopting sustainable and impact investing to align financial gains with meaningful environmental and social change.


Advanced Analytics and Performance Attribution

Our OCIO service uses advanced analytics and performance attribution to identify the main drivers of returns and risks across asset classes and investments. This helps refine your investment strategy by leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses, ensuring each portfolio component aligns with your goals and supports informed decisions and strategic adjustments.


Global Investment Opportunities and Diversification

Recognizing the value of a global perspective, our OCIO service actively seeks out investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of geographies and asset classes. By expanding the investment universe beyond traditional markets, we can uncover unique opportunities that offer growth potential and diversification benefits.


Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategies

Our OCIO service incorporates sustainable and impact investing strategies into your portfolio to reflect the growing focus on sustainability and social impact. We find investments with financial returns and positive environmental and social impacts. By aligning your organization's financial resources with its values and mission, you can drive change and make a meaningful impact through investment.

Navigating the Investment Landscape with an OCIO

Philanthropic Organizations

Market Insights

Comprehensive market insights keep you informed. Our experts analyze financial trends and how they affect your investments and financial strategy. We give you a deep understanding of market dynamics to help you make smart decisions.

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