Christopher M. Passarelli

Founder, CEO and CIO

Christopher M. Passarelli, founder of Bull Run Investment Management, serves as the firm's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. His journey in finance began in childhood with a venture into buying and selling U.S. numismatic currency, leading to his first stock purchase at just 10 years old. These early experiences sparked a lifelong interest in finance for Chris, culminating in the establishment of Bull Run Investment Management. Under Chris's leadership, the firm focuses on transformative sectors including Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, SaaS, Fin-Tech, and Machine Learning through its flagship Equity Innovation Strategy.

Chris’s career in finance is marked by an enviable track record of delivering risk-adjusted market returns that outperform industry benchmarks. Chris is renowned for his early investments in game-changing companies such as Nvidia, MongoDB, Shopify, Amazon, Netflix, and Google—before they became household names. His unique ability to identify high-growth, high-performance opportunities has enriched his clients and has contributed positively to the global financial ecosystem.

Before the founding of Bull Run Investment Management, Chris honed his investment management skills at globally acclaimed firms. Chris assumed leadership of the Morgan Stanley Listed Commodity Derivatives team, where he oversaw trade routing and organization for the Ney York Trading team. He served a Strategy Research Partner for Spectrum Financial, managing $400m in assets, where he developed advanced proprietary indicators for the firms leading Equity and Bond Mutual Funds. His tenure at TD Ameritrade Institutional and IPS Strategic Capital further cemented his reputation in equity trading and wealth management.

At Bull Run Investment Management, Chris fosters a culture of ethical financial practices, where integrity, client-first approach, and innovation are paramount. His influence extends beyond the financial sector through his commitment to philanthropy, with a particular focus on educational outreach and financial literacy. Inspired by renowned figures like Warren Buffett and Stanley Druckenmiller, Chris integrates a principled and intellectually disciplined approach into all aspects of his life.