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Defined Contribution Services

Revolutionize your retirement planning with our Defined Contribution Services. We offer comprehensive management solutions for your retirement savings.

Retirement Plan Advisory Services


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Defined Contribution Services

Defined Contribution Services

Defined Contribution Services involve managing plans where employee benefits are based on investment performance. Our services include plan design, investment options selection, and administrative support, ensuring a robust and compliant retirement plan.

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions focus on the creation and management of pension plans that promise a specific benefit at retirement. We offer expertise in plan design, funding strategies, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a secure retirement for employees.

Non-Qualified Plan Management

Non-Qualified Plan Management

Non-qualified Plan Management specializes in overseeing and optimizing non-qualified deferred compensation plans. Our expertise ensures these plans are efficiently managed, aligning with both employer objectives and employee benefits.

Pooled Employer Plan

Pooled Employer Plan

The Pooled Employer Plan is a comprehensive retirement solution for businesses, allowing multiple employers to pool resources, providing a cost-effective, professionally managed retirement plan. Our PEP simplifies plan administration, reduces fiduciary risk, and enhances investment options for participants.

Elevating Retirement Readiness with Defined Contribution Services.

Defined Contribution Services manage retirement plans where employees contribute a fixed amount, like 401(k)s. This service is important for employers to offer competitive retirement benefits and for employees to make the most of their retirement savings. It involves plan design, investment selection, and ongoing plan management. For employees, it provides a structured way to save for retirement and potentially benefit from employer contributions. Our firm helps with plan design, investment selection, and management, ensuring structured savings and optimal employer contributions.

Streamlining Defined Contribution Plan Management.

Defined Contribution Plan Management involves overseeing plans where the value of employee benefits is directly tied to the performance of their individual investment choices. To maximize retirement savings and inform participants about their options and benefits, we administer plans and advise on investments.


Comprehensive Plan Design and Consultation

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your business, employee demographics, and financial goals to develop tailored defined contribution plans. This phase ensures the plan aligns with your needs and includes features like automatic enrollment and flexible loan policies to encourage savings and minimize loss.


Investment Management and Architecture

Our investment architecture supports a variety of asset classes and active and passive funds. We tailor investment offerings to participant risk appetites and retirement ambitions to maximize performance and minimize risk, improving the retirement plan's efficacy by monitoring market dynamics and risk factors.


Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Our commitment to regulatory compliance and robust governance is unwavering. We expertly navigate the intricate regulatory framework of retirement plans, ensuring adherence to ERISA, IRS, and DOL directives. Our approach includes fiduciary training and documented policies to mitigate legal and operational risks.


Employee Education and Empowerment Programs

Central to our offering is our focus on employee education and engagement, driven by the belief that well-informed participants are more equipped to value and utilize their retirement plans effectively. Our programs are designed to enhance financial literacy, enabling participants to navigate their savings journey confidently and achieve their retirement objectives.


Streamlined Administration and Recordkeeping

Our Defined Contribution Services focus on streamlined administration and accurate recordkeeping. We ensure smooth plan operation, from enrollment to managing contributions. Using advanced technology, our systems ensure data accuracy, security, and accessibility, reducing administrative burdens and allowing your team to concentrate on core business functions.


Dedicated Participant Support and Holistic Services

We provide a wide range of services to meet your plan participants' needs and are dedicated to participant support. Our dedicated professionals can answer plan questions and provide customized investment and retirement planning advice. Our multichannel support infrastructure makes help always available, improving participant engagement and plan satisfaction.

Empowering Your Workforce with Defined Contribution Plans.

With a strong emphasis on financial wellness and a streamlined technology stack for better plan management, our defined contribution services give employees the tools they need to make better retirement planning decisions and maintain overall financial health.


Innovative Tech for Contribution Plan Administration

Our Defined Contribution Services use advanced technology to improve plan management and participant experience. This technology integration boosts efficiency and gives participants real-time investment data, enabling better decision-making and personalized retirement planning.


Comprehensive Financial Wellness Integration

We offer financial wellness support beyond retirement planning because we understand the importance of holistic financial health. We help employees build a solid financial foundation by providing a wealth of resources and expert advice on various financial matters, improving their well-being and job satisfaction.


Executive Self-Directed 401(k) Plan Options

Our Defined Contribution Services include options like Self-Directed 401(k) accounts, or PCRA (Personal Choice Retirement Account) accounts, tailored for select executives. These self-directed options empower executives to have greater control over their retirement investments, allowing them to diversify beyond traditional plan offerings.

Enhancing Employee Financial Wellness through Defined Contribution Services

Retirement Plan Advisory

Market Insights

Comprehensive market insights keep you informed. Our experts analyze financial trends and how they affect your investments and financial strategy. We give you a deep understanding of market dynamics to help you make smart decisions.

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