About Us

Welcome to BRIM. A Fee-Only, Fiduciary RIA.

Bull Run Investment Management is a registered RIA, providing fiduciary, fee-only wealth management services, tailored for individuals, families, workplaces, and philanthropic organizations.

Client-Centric Wealth Management: Bull Run's Fiduciary Commitment.

A fiduciary, like Bull Run Investment Management, has a legal and ethical duty to put their clients' interests first, ensuring that the wealth management services they provide are tailored to meet each client's unique financial goals and needs. We take it seriously when our clients entrust us with their assets and financial goals. As part of our fiduciary duty, we must act in your best interest, which requires us to act with the highest level of integrity. This principle forms the foundation of all our decisions and strategies.

Leveraging our profound insights into market dynamics and economic fluctuations, we strategically position our clients' portfolios to optimize growth potential. Our commitment to integrity and accountability ensures that every investment decision is made with our clients' best interests at the forefront, thereby cementing the foundation of a fiduciary relationship.

Innovative Wealth Management at Bull Run: Pioneering in AI, Cloud, and SaaS.

At Bull Run Investment Management, we stand out because we are committed to combining new ideas with excellent wealth management methods. We are very interested in the growth potential of new technologies and markets, like AI, Cloud Storage, and SaaS. This keeps us at the forefront of industry changes. Our approach is very customized and designed to work with the fast-paced nature of high-growth industries. This way, we can meet all of our clients' different financial goals while delivering above market returns.

Our goal is to lead the industry in the adoption of cutting-edge investment strategies and customized service offerings, not just keep up with them. Our promise to our clients is based on this dedication: a track record of steady growth and exceptional investment returns, carefully crafted to meet the unique goals and desires of each client we work with.

Explore Our Team

Our team specializes in navigating volatile markets and identifying unique growth opportunities. We offer a wide range of funds and strategies that are aimed to match to our clients' various investment goals and individual needs, guaranteeing a thorough approach to wealth management and investing.