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Bull Run Investment Management's approach is characterized by its focus on innovation and comprehensive wealth management solutions, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique financial needs and goals of different clients, including individuals, businesses, and philanthropic organizations.

Our firm's expertise in identifying and investing in groundbreaking technologies and innovative businesses set it apart. Specializing in sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Database Storage, and SaaS, Bull Run aims for substantial revenue growth and profitability. Furthermore, our financial planning services, including tax, insurance, estate, and cross-border advisory, are customized to address the truly unique needs of our clients, ensuring personalized and effective wealth management.

Our Proprietary Management

Explore our distinct investment strategy, adept at navigating market fluctuations and seizing unique opportunities. Our range of portfolios, each structured as separately managed accounts (SMAs), addresses varied investor requirements with a unique philosophy. This approach allows us to manage each client’s investments individually, rather than pooling resources, enabling personalized strategies that align with diverse market trends and investor goals.

BRIM Innovation SMA Produces 98.4% Return in 2023.

The BRIM 2023 Year-End Review highlights our Equity Innovation SMA's 98.4%, underscoring a year marked by foresight and exceptional market acumen. Christopher Passarelli reflects on 2023, providing insights and a comprehensive retrospective analysis of the year's remarkable achievements by delving into the market's success factors.

BRIM 2023 Year End Market Review

Global Markets

Market Insights

Comprehensive market insights keep you informed. Our experts analyze financial trends and how they affect your investments and financial strategy. We give you a deep understanding of market dynamics to help you make smart decisions.

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