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Equity Core Fund

The Equity Core Fund focuses on investing in industry-leading giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and Netflix, which play a significant role in our daily lives and the global economy. With a foundation in brand power and market dominance, the fund includes companies known for their sector leadership and economic impact. These firms embody the fund's emphasis on stability and proven performance.

Resilient Growth, Meticulously Curated. Driven by Industry Cornerstones.

The Equity Core Fund exemplifies our commitment to the bedrock of the economy, selectively investing in essential sectors that represent the consumer based economy. These sectors include Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors, Financial Services, Retail Stores, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals. This fund represents our dedication to industries that are crucial for economic stability and consistent growth.


Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics enhance our daily lives by bringing cutting-edge technology to connectivity, entertainment, and productivity. These devices are integral in both personal and professional realms, continually advancing to offer more immersive and efficient user experiences.



Semiconductors are essential for modern electronic devices, driving innovation across various sectors. They enable the functionality of everything from mobile phones to complex computing systems, underpinning the continuous growth of the tech industry.


Financial Services

Financial services underpin economic activities by providing banking, investment, and insurance solutions. They play a pivotal role in facilitating financial transactions and managing wealth, impacting both individual finances and the broader economic landscape.


Retail Stores

Retail stores are transforming the shopping experience by merging physical and digital realms, offering consumers a vast array of products and services. This blend enhances customer choice and convenience, significantly altering the traditional retail model.


Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industries engage global audiences with a rich diversity of content, from informative news to captivating movies. They significantly influence cultural trends and provide a blend of leisure and information, enriching people's lives.



Healthcare is essential to societal well-being, delivering a comprehensive range of services from preventive measures to cutting-edge medical treatments. It embodies the collective effort to improve health outcomes, leveraging technological advancements and medical research.



The pharmaceutical industry is crucial in healthcare, focusing on the research, development, and distribution of medications. It addresses a spectrum of health conditions, fundamentally improving the quality of patient care and enhancing treatment success rates.

Strategy Description

The Equity Core Fund strategically invests in dominant and stable companies within essential sectors, using a methodical approach to assess market trends and stability. This strategy identifies firms that are leaders in their industries, offering reliable growth and enduring market influence. The focus is on sectors like Semiconductors, Retail Stores, and Healthcare, with a priority on investments in companies that are not just part of these sectors but are also critical in driving their progress. The fund's investments are seen as strategic alliances, aligning with established and influential entities in key industries. The Core Fund aims to achieve steady returns for investors while supporting a robust and resilient economic landscape.


Type: Active Equity

Typical # of Holdings: 25-30

Inception: March 2022

Portfolio Manager: Christopher Passarelli

Revenue Growth Target: 12-15%


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