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Equity Low Volatility Fund

The Equity Low Volatility Fund targets sectors renowned for stability and steady performance, holding key companies such as McDonald's, Walmart, and Johnson & Johnson. It emphasizes economic staples and defensive companies that are integral to daily life and have shown historical resilience. These businesses are vital for stability in any economic scenario, aligning with the fund's low-risk investment strategy.

Stable Growth, Thoughtfully Selected. Powered by Proven Economic Staples.

The Equity Low Volatility Fund focuses on sectors that historically demonstrate consistent growth and stability. Key sectors include Consumer Retail and Wholesale, Construction and Real Estate, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, and Waste Management. Capitalizing on essential, market-resistant industries is the Fund's goal.


Consumer Retail and Wholesale

Consumer Retail and Wholesale are pivotal in the global consumer market, constantly supplying a wide array of essential goods and services. This sector adapts to changing consumer needs and preferences, ensuring the availability and accessibility of products worldwide.


Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate are foundational to economic growth, creating residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Their contributions are critical for shaping urban development and infrastructure, affecting living conditions, business, and community planning.


Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry is a stable pillar of the economy, marked by consistent consumer demand. It encompasses the process of production, distributing, and retailing food and drinks, essential for daily sustenance and deeply embedded in cultural and social practices.



Healthcare remains a critical sector, dedicated to evolving medical practices and technologies to meet health needs. It encompasses a broad spectrum of services and products, from preventive care to advanced treatments, essential for maintaining public health.



The Pharmaceuticals industry is central to healthcare, focusing on developing and distributing essential medications. It's fundamental in medical progress, aiming to improve health outcomes and address various health conditions with innovative treatments.


Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing is a necessity for the economy, producing products for various sectors. From machinery to consumer goods, this industry underpins population growth and satisfies a wide range of market demands, fostering economic resilience.


Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods sector is fundamental to everyday life, providing a wide array of products ranging from essential household items to personal care and luxury goods. This sector responds to consumer trends and preferences, ensuring a steady supply of goods that enhance quality of life.


Waste Management

Waste Management is crucial for maintaining environmental sustainability, focusing on the efficient disposal, recycling, and treatment of waste. This sector plays a key role in conserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact, supporting global ecological health.

Strategy Description

The Equity Low Volatility Fund targets sectors that not only demonstrate steady performance but are also crucial to the functioning of the economy and everyday life. Our method analyzes market trends and sector stability to find companies with steady growth potential. Key focus areas include Healthcare, Consumer Goods, and Waste Management, emphasizing investment in companies that are essential in their respective sectors. It analyzes market trends and sector stability to identify companies with potential for reliable growth. The fund's investments in essential companies aim to provide a balance of steady returns and reduced risk, focusing on resilient sectors vital regardless of economic conditions.


Type: Active Equity

Typical # of Holdings: 25-30

Inception: April 2021

Portfolio Manager: Christopher Passarelli

Revenue Growth Target: 7-12%


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