Brad Holman

Investment Advisor

Brad is from the Washington, DC area and is a quintessential people person with a knack for envisioning solutions and a deep-seated desire for knowledge. His decision to enter the financial services industry was driven by a commitment to utilize his talent for the benefit of the community.

Embarking on his financial services journey in 2008, Brad has navigated through various sectors of the finance world. In his capacity as a Financial Advisor at Bull Run Investment Management, Brad is dedicated to alleviating financial challenges for individuals and families. He employs a range of strategies, from protective planning to sophisticated approaches for high net worth clients and business owners, ensuring they can understand and optimize their financial resources.

His role encompasses client management, financial education through seminars and workshops, seeking out industry-leading financial solutions, and active community engagement, with a particular focus on business owners and affluent clients.

His commitment to social good is evident through his involvement with the OneUmbrella Foundation since its inception in 2013, where he remains an active board member. The foundation focuses on supporting the homeless in DC and Richmond Virginia and has contributed significantly from Brad's participation, including organizing the successful First Annual Giving Day for the Erin Peterson Fund.