Dawn Michelle

Managing Director

Dawn Michelle, serving as Chief of Staff, is a distinguished professional renowned for her comprehensive expertise across various sectors. Her impressive career spans high-growth tech, global energy, national security, private equity, family offices, real estate investments, and financial services. At Bull Run Investment Management, Dawn skillfully drives strategic initiatives and cultivates high-level collaborative relationships.

Her professional journey commenced at Raymond James Financial, where her dual role as an Executive Assistant and Certified Financial Advisor laid the groundwork for her proficiency in managing portfolios for affluent individuals and families. Dawn's capability to navigate intricate financial programs was further sharpened at Northrop Grumman and Mantech International, where she contributed to Department of Defense programs in Arizona and Germany.

A defining era in her career was her decade-long tenure in Washington D.C., marked by high-profile positions including Chief of Staff roles directly under the CEOs of two Fortune 500 companies. These experiences endowed Dawn with a unique insight into the confluence of technology, security, and finance. After these roles, Dawn served as the Chief of Staff for a Venture Capital firm located in Miami.

At Bull Run Investment Management, Dawn's approach is distinguished by her profound understanding of global market dynamics and her dedication to excellence in executive support and strategic planning. Her adeptness in aligning the interests of various stakeholders has been instrumental in her success.

Notably, Dawn's career is also characterized by her commitment to mentorship and promoting women in business. Through her collaboration with LETTS CONSULT, she contributes significantly to leadership development programs, advancing women's roles in business, and fostering positive workplace cultures.

A strong believer in giving back to the community, Dawn is actively involved in volunteer work with organizations like Doorways for Women and Families and the American Heart Association, where she contributes her skills towards social services and health-related causes.